Term Classes 2022 ~ ART TASTER or CLAY & CANVAS

"Colour is a power which directly influences the soul." ~ Kandinsky

Art Taster Term Courses and Clay & Canvas Term Courses (both running for 8 weeks per term) offer a variety of  hands on experiences. Many of these experiences may be new, or at least be using mediums which your child has had little experience with! This is the best part! We are all learners, and learning together - while making a mess and having a good time.

Classes are limited (strictly 8 participants) to ensure individual, personalised attention and are suited to school aged learners from Year 1 (6-16 years only please). The multi-aged nature of the group allows everyone to be a leader, a friend, a learner and an encourager. In my experience there are so many benefits to working with multi ages in small and supported settings, particularly when children share similar interests and passions.

Art Taster Term programs are varied and exploratory in nature. They are loads of fun and may include the following;

*Clay and ceramics - hand building, underglazing and firing (*included in EVERY term course)

*Epoxy Resin Art, Acrylic Pouring, Alcohol Inks

*Sculpture - modroc, papier mache

*Mosaics - tiles and grouting, clay wall hangings

*Candle Making - beeswax, soy, container, rolled and drip candle making

*Printing - gelli plates and screen printing

*Painting - acrylics, watercolours, gouche on canvas

*Modelling using various mediums (air drying clay, magiclay etc.)

Clay & Canvas Term Courses are also varied, but focus primarily on these two mediums. They are well suited to the student who wishes to further explore the properties of clay (particularly glazing and decorating) and enjoys creating a variety of works on canvas, using different materials and approaches.

The course may include the following;

*Handbuilding (pinch, slab rolling and coiling) clay techniques using a variety of stoneware and earthenware clays

*Glazing ceramic work - underglazes, stoneware glazing, tissue transfers, lustre glazes (applied by the teacher only for health & safety reasons) pooling glazes, etc. Explores more advanced techniques not offered in the Art Taster term course.

*Polymer clay, magiclay model construction

*Abstract painting ~ water colours & inks, acrylics, gold & silver leaf, gouche, acrylic pours, dyes, etc

*Printing - lino printing, gelli plate, screen printing, fabric printing, batik, etc

The above are examples only, and are subject to change dependent on availability of resources, etc.