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Art for Wellbeing ~ NDIS sessions

Art for Wellbeing sessions are facilitated by Melissa in a private, home-based studio. The fully equipped studio has two working spaces, allowing for both covered outdoor, and indoor exploration of the many Arts modalities. Private and NDIS clients are welcomed.

Why Art?

The benefits of Art are well documented. Art uses the creative process to assist individuals to develop self-awareness, explore emotions and conflict. Participation in Art programs has been shown to improve social skills and raise self-esteem. Art has been used as a means of communication, self-expression, group interaction and conflict resolution throughout history.

Studies also suggest that creating art stimulates the release of dopamine. This chemical is released when we do something pleasurable, and it basically makes us feel happier. Increased levels of this feel-good neurotransmitter can be very beneficial to our mental health.

Art encourages neural connections. Creating is an activity that can employ many senses - sigh, sound, touch and smell, depending on the mediums used. A young child's brain synapses fire away as they experiment and create by manipulating clay, mixing paints, pouring acrylics and resins, or drawing from the imagination.

Art workshops build fine motor skills. Gripping a paintbrush, applying fabric plaster, grouting tiles, winding florist wire, droppings inks onto a canvas, kneading and rolling clay, squeezing paint through a printing press - all of these tasks require increasing levels of dexterity and coordination, yet they are so much fun that children want to do them over and over, thereby developing their fine motor skills, creativity and confidence!

Art allows us to explore feelings and deal with life events by providing a safe outlet for emotions. Sometimes, multi-dimensional self-expression can be easier than articulating our thoughts with words;  art becomes a medium for helping us deal with challenging emotions and enables us to express our thoughts and feelings. Creating art allows us to process the things that have happened and may help reduce stress and anxiety as we work through these challenges.

The wonderful part is neither previous artistic experience nor natural artistic ability is necessary to enjoy the benefits of Art for Wellbeing!

If you are interested in finding out more about Art for Wellbeing sessions, please contact Melissa.


phone: 0407851915

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